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The Human Genome at Ten

The Human Genome at Ten

The draft human genome sequence, announced with much fanfare in 2000, promised great insights into human biology, medicine and evolution. In this special, Nature asks whether the sequence has delivered the insights that were anticipated, and what lessons have been learned from the first post-genome decade. Human genetics in 2010 looks infinitely more complex, and questions about how to make sense of the explosion in biological data are only becoming more pressing.


Diagnosing the future of genomics

Eric Green discusses his priorities as newly appointed director of the US National Human Genome Research Institute.

Human Genetics 2009 from Nature

The flow of human genetic information is growing into a deluge: from high throughput sequencing to genome wide association studies to copy number variation to personal genetic tests. Nature assesses their biological and medical value so far and asks – where should the field go next?

UK DNA Database Needs Overhaul

Inventor of DNA fingerprinting welcomes a ruling that will keep the innocent out of genetic databases.

Navigating the Nucleosome

Uncovering genomic instructions for how DNA is packaged reveals a new dimension of the genetic code

5 Crop Researchers Who Could Change the World

5 Crop Researchers

Human Genes are Multitaskers

Human Genes are Multitaskers

Up to 94% of human genes can generate different products.

Nature Web Focus: Personal Genomes

Tons of articles (great for the classroom) about the latest discoveries in genomic science. This is way beyond one gene = one protein!

Cancer Genetic Blueprint Revealed

Cancer Genetic Blueprint Revealed

Why the Philosophy of Science Matters

Why the Philosophy of Science Matters