Instruction Materials


MBSC Manual

Updated in January 2012. Includes new pGlo prep, new Restriction Enzyme Digest reagents and prep, and new PCR DNA extraction protocol.

Note: New! Fast Digest! Complete the Restriction Enzyme Digest Lab, including electrophoresis, in one day!!! New Fast Digest Enzymes get the job done in 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes!!! New green restriction buffer with loading dye included. Students are also able to choose their own double digest.


BioRad Gel Electrophoresis Tutorial

How to Prepare and Pour Gels Tutorial


NEW pGlo

Bacterial Transformation

A bacterial transformation using the pGlo plasmid.

Plasmids and Vectors

pGlo Transformation Efficiency

Restriction Enzyme Digest of Lambda DNA


This new power point is a re-vamped version of my original PCR power point. The new version explains the Alu insert and genotypic results before decribing how PCR works. This has seemed to work well in the last few classes I have been in. The students seem to understand the mechanics of PCR better if they know what it is we are looking for! There are also a couple of new slides showing the actual Alu insert sequence and the PV92 locus sequence with the insert. Then students are asked where they would select primers for different PCR results.

PCR Results

PCR Results

PV92 PCR Population Genetics

Just Gel Electrophoresis

Loading Gels at Northstar HS Loading Gels loading-gels-2.jpg

Students Loading Gels.


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