Equipment and Evaluation

Dear Nebraska Educator,

Please carefully read this entire letter as it contains important information about the modules and equipment requests.

Communication: Please indicate in your email request the best way to contact you. It is important to include your schedule in the event I need to contact you during the school day.

Loan Duration: Loans are for 14 working days unless noted on the schedule. Please include your top three sets of dates for completing the labs (pGlo-2 days, RED-3 days, PCR-4 days). For ESU’s, I will have to take into consideration your van delivery schedule and other requests when finalizing the loan schedule. I will contact individual teachers personally if dates need to be modified. ***If you are unsure of the exact dates you would like to use the labs, but you do intend to use them at some point, please let me know a potential time and all of the classroom information so I can follow up with you at a later date.

Consumables and Module Instructions/Materials: Temperature sensitive materials will be delivered over-night on ice. I will inform each educator of delivery dates. Other consumables will be shipped one to two weeks in advance of the equipment loan date. The MBSC manual is available from the MBSC WordPress blog,

Cancellations: Please let me know as soon as possible AND before the shipping date if your schedule will not permit the use of equipment as planned. Notice of cancellation will not ensure a second equipment loan date will be available; arrangements will be made on a space-available basis.

Return Shipments:I will include your return shipment FedEx labels in a marked envelope with your equipment. Equipment will need to be returned to UNL (or ESU home) or sent to the next user by the date indicated in the label envelope. The labels will also need to be used before the indicated expiration date on the labels. If the labels are expired, please contact me so I can email a second set of labels. You will need to contact FedEx to arrange a GROUND pick-up of the equipment: 1.800.463.3339. I have arranged FedEx pick-up in the past, but it has been very inefficient and has resulted in missed pickups and expired labels. This new arrangement should be much more effective. Be sure to contact me if you have questions about your labels or the date they need to be returned.

Packing Equipment and Restocking: Please pay attention to how equipment is wrapped and packaged when it arrives from UNL or the ESU and re-package equipment in the same way for its return shipment. The lids and under-side of lids on the totes indicate which equipment and materials go in each tote. After 10 years, the equipment is in good shape, but some electrode cables on the electrophoresis tanks have broken this past year after being bent with too much pressure during shipping. Proper wrapping and packaging should prevent this in the future. Black cable-ties are provided with each set of equipment (usually in the hot water bath basin). Please use these to close the totes an secure them instead of packing tape. Also, please refill pipet tips after you complete your labs and ensure the pipet tip boxes are secured shit with tape if they do not have a snap-lid. I will supply the totes with extra pipet tips, but contact me if you need more.

Equipment Loan Form Directions: Please provide multiple date choices when filling out the forms.  I will try to give everyone a loan date that fits their schedule, but it will be very difficult without a number of dates to work with. The prospect of getting your top loan choice will be greatly improved by returning your forms on time.

If there are multiple teachers at your school who wish to use the modules, consider coordinating your equipment requests, if possible. (For my records, please send a request form for each teacher planning to use the equipment, but send the forms in together.)

Please email your loan request(s) by the end of September 2014.  I will fill requests received after that time on a space-available basis.

If you have any questions, please call or email me.

Thank you!

Sarah Zulkoski, NE EPSCoR
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Nebraska Hall W192
Lincoln, NE 68588-0557
office: (402) 472-8946
fax: (402) 472-8948


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