About MBSC

The MBSC program provides equipment, materials, and instructional support for three advanced molecular biology based labs for use in Nebraska’s secondary classrooms.  MBSC reaches more than 30 Nebraska secondary teachers and more than 1,000 ethnically, geographically, and socio-economically diverse Nebraska secondary students each year.

Materials Provisions
  • Bio-Rad‘s pGlo Bacterial Transformation Lab: Students insert new DNA into the existing genome of an organism to produce a desired trait in that organism.
  • Restriction Enzyme Digest of Lambda DNA Lab: Students use gel electrophoresis to separate and visualize different sizes of DNA fragments after manipulating DNA.
  • PCR of Alu insert on locus PV92, Chromosome 16 Lab with Bioinformatics: Students amplify individual genes, from their own DNA, then determine actual genotypes, and compare results with worldwide populations.
Equipment Loans
  • Classroom set of adjustable micropipettors and gel electrophoresis equipment
  • Bio-Rad’s MyCycler Thermal Cycler PCR equipment
  • Mini-centrifuges, vortexers, a mini-incubator and hot water baths
  • Over $40,000 in equipment for secondary teachers and students
Student Research
  • Developing student projects to promote authentic research experiences in the secondary science classroom
  • Promoting relationships between secondary science teachers, students, and University faculty


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